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Specializing in Adoption, Step Parent and Adult Adoption, Uncontested Divorce, CPS, Wills and Trusts. 


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Adoption Consulting 

Thinking of adopting? Contact me for a one hour consult to learn the in and outs of adoption to include, but not limited to, Private/Independent adoption, agency adoption, Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC), Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), Home Study process, matching process.

WIlls and Trust


While Wills and Trusts are usually under probate law, it relates to your family. Whether you are starting out in your career or are well established, you need to plan for your future, even if you do not have any children. It is important to protect your hard earned assets and know that you decide what occurs with your assets if something were to happen to you. You do not want a court to make that decision for you. I help by assisting you decide what to do with your assets, help you with decisions regarding health or medical decisions, and for capacity issues.

Step Parent and Adult Adoption


The family today is quite different than it was in the past.  People with children are coming together to get married and in the process a “blended” family is formed. This “blending” creates a wonderful opportunity for all persons of the family. However, it can bring into the family some unique challenges.  You need representation that has successfully experienced being a step-parent. 

An adult adoption, in most situations, is making legal what in fact actually exists in the real world.  The process is streamlined and simplified when compared to private and step-parent adoptions.  Because the person being adopted is an adult, he or she does not require their legal parents consent.  



Family building through adoption is a wonderful, rewarding process for those unable to have children. I believe that a personal, friendly, and family oriented approach is the type of approach best suited to ensure success in the adoption.  My philosophy “Every Child Deserves a Wonderful Life” focus' on the child. Whether the adoption is private/independent or agency, I am able to help you navigate the process and, hopefully, help relieve your stress and frustration. Bringing a child into the world and providing the love and home necessary for a child to thrive is what life and family  is about. 

Uncontested Divorce
Divorce can be overwhelming and confusing during a very emotional time in your life. Divorce not only impacts your life, but if you have children, has a significant, emotional impact on your children. The best divorce is one where the couple can come together to work out all the issues that may apply. I can assist you in all aspects of your uncontested divorce.


Nothing is more disruptive to you, your family and to children as Child Protective Services (CPS) coming into your life. CPS's sole purpose is to protect children. However, because of the overwhelming number of children and families in the system, it may appear to be or is impersonal, uncaring and often heavy handed. It is an intricate and highly specialized area. You need an attorney to represent your interests regardless of your status in the case.

James E. Handy

I began my law practice in 1997. However, my practice had its beginnings years prior to that. I married my beautiful wife and my children came into my life at ages four and seven. I was their step-father. However, as much as I wanted to adopt them and make legal, which was in fact reality, it was not a possibility. I raised them and they are my children. I have a close relationship with them today.  Both of them are married and I have been blessed with three grandchildren.

During law school, I law clerked with a very busy estate planning attorney. After law school, I started my own law practice of estate planning. However, my family was not complete. My wife and I decided to adopt. The private adoption process brought our beautiful daughter to us as a newborn from another state in 1997. I decided to handle the legal process myself. Learning on oneself is quite the experience. Once the adoption was completed, I made the decision to become an adoption attorney. I have ben blessed to have participated in building over one thousand five hundred family’s. My estate planning practice has grown with my adoption practice. I bring a unique set of experiences to every one of my clients. Over my legal practice journey, I have added to my practice uncontested divorce and representation of persons swept up in Child Protection Service cases.

I am licensed to practice law in the states of Texas and California and have offices in both states. I practice throughout both states and travel as needed. I reside in the beautiful hill country city of San Marcos, Texas with my wife. Two of my children reside nearby and one is off to college.

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Bar Admissions:

California: 1997

Texas:        2007


Lincoln Law School of Sacramento, Sacramento, California - J.D. 1996

University of Nevada, Reno - B.S. 1974

Professional Associations and Memberships:

State Bar of Texas

State Bar of California

United States District Court of the Eastern District of California

Academy of California Adoption Lawyers

California Academy of Family Formation Attorneys

American Bar Association

Sigma Nu Fraternity - President 1974





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